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A bit about me, Amanda, “Momma” Bird (formerly Zaller)? I mean sure, I think my life is pretty darn interesting but is this something someone would want to read or subscribe to, voluntarily? I’m not sure. However, that sure as hell will not stop me from doing it and at least trying! You only live once and life is too short. 

So let’s get the general bio out there… I am the mother of 3 children: my 13 yr old son, Tristan, 10 yr old son, Grayson and 5 yr old daughter, Aubrey.  I’ve been married to my husband, Shannon, for 15 years. We live right outside of Charleston, SC with our Boxer (Joeker).

I love to read, write, and spend time with family and friends! I went to Ohio State to be a teacher, and since then have been lucky enough to mainly stay home with the kiddos, but most people that know me know my level of hard work and dedication when it comes to this kind of stuff. I mean, my posts on Facebook are epic. Who wouldn’t want to read about my latest Amanda moment, that I have to shine up and retype and redo many flipping times to make it “Facebook appropriate”. The right length, the right amount of sass, with just the right amount of bull shit to catch your attention.

❝ I look forward to walking this new journey of blogging with you. My hope is that my words can help some, make some laugh, and maybe even help you realize that you are not alone. I promise you are not! ❞  – Amanda Bird

smile through it all

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Shannon Bird

Shannon Bird

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Frequently Asked

I am a natural empath and have had a wide range of life experiences that have led me to where I am today. Because of many events and life lessons, I have chose to dive deeper into mental health and helping others. I am currently working on obtaining a certification and partnering with other professionals to broaden the reach of those that I might be able help.

Build a network and support group to provide as many people as possible with paths to change their life struggles. By understanding your relationship and approach, we can tailor and show and show you the way while also making it more relevant to your situation. 

There is no limit to the number of mental health needs that exists and each person is different. Once you have the steps to take you will be able make changes to other areas and relationships as needed when they pop up .

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